SOQUEM: Your exploration partner

Our mission: Exploring, discovering and developing mining properties in Québec.

Ever since it was founded in 1965, SOQUEM has played an instrumental role in Québec’s mining industry by helping to broaden the range of natural resources under development.

We have helped create over 1,000 jobs and taken part in over 350 exploration projects.

How have we achieved this? By setting our own objectives and developing our own signature business model. An important part of SOQUEM’s work involves teaming up with junior exploration companies. But we have also built up a diversified portfolio of properties, making it possible to prospect for a wide array of metals and minerals and mitigating the uncertainty of operating in a cyclical industry.

Our partnership model enables us to maximize return on our assets while minimizing risks.

SOQUEM plays another key role as well: promoting leading-edge research into advanced methods, equipment and technologies to boost the effectiveness of exploration activities and the chances of making new discoveries.

SOQUEM is an active member of CONSOREM, a mineral exploration research consortium. We award a number of scholarships at the college and university level every year and support promising graduate-level research whenever possible.

SOQUEM never hesitates to pool its expertise with private companies and service providers to tackle specific exploration challenges. In 2003 we teamed up with Abitibi Geophysics to develop a methodology enabling electromagnetic signals to better penetrate layers of overburden that can be problematic due to their thickness and conductivity.

After months of tests yielded conclusive results, the partners brought the new exploration technology to market under the trade name InfiniTEM.

InfiniTEM makes it possible to detect massive sulfur deposits at a depth of up to 500 m (compared to just 200 m using conventional technologies), without any interference from overburden.

Ressources Québec: A new driver of sustainable development

Ressources Québec is an Investissement Québec subsidiary comprising two government corporations: SOQUEM, active in the mining industry, and SOQUIP (Société québécoise d’initiatives pétrolières), in the oil and gas industry.

Ressources Québec provides support and funding for mining companies seeking to develop and process metals and minerals in Québec.

Ressources Québec has total capital of over $1.2 billion.