Québec’s mineral exploration leader

In the last 50 years, SOQUEM’s exploration efforts have led to the opening of many mines and helped create over 1,000 long-term jobs in Québec.


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SOQUEM’s exploration and development work has helped diversify Québec mining by constantly seeking out new metal and mineral deposits with production potential all across Québec. Every year we forge new partnerships with junior and major mining companies to get new exploration efforts off the ground.

Partnership: Your key to exploration success

Partnering means pooling the strengths and knowledge of the industry’s major players and sharing the risks inherent in exploration.

SOQUEM and its partners invest several million dollars in exploration each and every year.

And every year, SOQUEM is involved in some forty exploration projects in Québec.

Today, some 75% of these projects are partnerships.

SOQUEM partnerships: What’s in it for you?